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Proscribe These!

American schools are now giving inner city Pre-K and Kindergarten children drugs to make them sit down and behave in school. Dissemination of drugs is happening at an alarming and irresponsible rate. After careful consideration of a child's ecosystem and social history...after processing the long term effects of very deep and systemic racial discrimination impacting everything people need to live quality lives...the destruction of the family paradigm… the answer drugs?




When North America was colonized or settled was occupied. They say many huge chunks of lands were taken with force, trinkets, and papers. Indigenous people didn't understand the papers presented with foreign letters. Therefore, their lands were commandeered by force. We all deal with papers and emails daily that mean so much to us, but have you ever asked yourself why or how? How do some people get to make papers that bond us to poor jobs, failing schools, undermined communities, and ways and/or lifestyles that hurt us? How do manifest destiny style papers prevail and no one seems to bat an eye? Let's take a brief look.