So if you read the I.G.W. you know what the revolving pay scale is. We want that for everyone. Period. As we work toward it we will also do constructive charity. Check it out.
The goal of Rally and Cry Reparational Apparatus (RACRA) is to provide a universal system that provides the chance of peace, justice and understanding which will also provide a family a gross of $105,000 or a net of $75,000 along with holistic intellectual enhancements benefits.


    Rally And Cry Donations

The Rally and Cry Reparation Apparatus -solicits donations from people, corporations, and financial machines. We simply take the money and every time we hit the 75k mark, we give it to a family. So as you can see we are constructively building lives through the R.A.C.R.A (the Rally and Cry Reparational Apparatus).

If you have a dollar I can hold. I will do a lot with it. On the 1st of every month I will hold a charitable distribution. The distribution will be hosted and displayed on multiple social platforms.  See now at Rally and Cry twitter, instagram, and youtube channel.