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Proscribe These!

American schools are now giving inner city Pre-K and Kindergarten children drugs to make them sit down and behave in school. Dissemination of drugs is happening at an alarming and irresponsible rate. After careful consideration of a child's ecosystem and social history...after processing the long term effects of very deep and systemic racial discrimination impacting everything people need to live quality lives...the destruction of the family paradigm… the answer drugs?

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When North America was colonized or settled was occupied. They say many huge chunks of lands were taken with force, trinkets, and papers. Indigenous people didn't understand the papers presented with foreign letters. Therefore, their lands were commandeered by force. We all deal with papers and emails daily that mean so much to us, but have you ever asked yourself why or how? How do some people get to make papers that bond us to poor jobs, failing schools, undermined communities, and ways and/or lifestyles that hurt us? How do manifest destiny style papers prevail and no one seems to bat an eye? Let's take a brief look.

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Ask any veteran educator of color about the current state of our educational system. Chances are, you will get many different perspectives. Most educators, if honest with themselves, see the insufficiency of it all. We really have no time for fluff. That being said...this thesis will get straight to the point. Many students of color are being left behind, while simultaneously the very best of our students are leaving the K-12 system incomplete.

Whatever reasons you’d like to attribute to so many students of color being at such a huge disadvantage is a debate that will leave you going in circles. In this thesis I will focus on common sense and realistic solutions that can and should be done immediately. If these solutions are rallied around and implemented, we can begin to move forward with addressing the real problem: colonialism and the eminent domain of everything.



The inverse (Pyramid) or George Washington, born from the theory that I as an individual feel the governing body of people will never treat people of color with equality, dignity, and respect. I ask my readers to read as much history as you can, then clearly identify groups of people who have  never done right by anybody including  their own?

If you have done your research and can not find any proof of sustained periods of peace and prosperity from certain groups of people, it is probably because it does not exist. I love Game of Thrones, because the entire show is dedicated to how people with power mistreat one another largely, so why lend logic to the thought that they will eventually learn to be peaceful with the world outside of them? Beats me too...literally. The purpose of this thesis is to explain my “ Inverted (Pyramid) or George Washington Theory” which I hold to be self-evident.